Eye Injury During Surgery Causes Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Med mal attorneys recently filed a lawsuit against a hospital and medical team that injured a patient’s eye during surgery. He went in to correct his sleep apnea and although the surgery fixed his problem, during the surgery something went wrong, causing injury to his eye. The materials that were used to correct his sleep apnea we incorrect and attorneys requested damages of $50,000 because the medical staff failed to prevent injury by improperly preparing for the procedure.

Sleep apnea is a condition where someone’s breathing becomes shallow or fully stops during sleep. There are a few other alternatives to surgery for curing sleep apnea but when it becomes severe, surgery is sometimes the only option. The surgery that was used to correct the patient’s sleep apnea is a routine procedure that is commonly practiced. The throat and nose is the target area of the surgery, since these locations often have obstructions that make it difficult for someone to breath during sleep. In this event, medical staff operated on the eyes of the patient, which is unnecessary in this type of surgery.

Eye Injury During Surgery Causes Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Medical malpractice occurs when doctors or other medical professionals cause harm to a patient because of their negligence. There’s a standard level of care that all medical professionals are held to based on their expertise and training. Every time that a doctor makes a mistake it’s a big risk to the patient, and some errors have resulted in serious injury and even death. Because the medical team let something injure the patient’s eyes during procedure when there was no operation to be done on the eyes, a medical malpractice suit was filed.

When we go to the hospital or receive medical assistance, we do so because it’s expected that we’ll have our problems solved. Unfortunately, not everyone receives the best care possible because of medical negligence, which puts everyone at risk. If you have suffered because of mistakes your doctor or hospital created, then you are entitled to collect money for damages.

Lawsuit Filed For Medication Mistake

We give a lot of trust to specialized doctors and other medical professionals and believe that they have our best interests in mind. Unfortunately, mistakes happen, even with doctors and medical professionals. Recently a woman filed a lawsuit against her doctor and health care provider claiming that they were negligent in their care and treatment. Her lawsuit seeks $50,000 for damages and medical fees.

According to the woman, she didn’t receive the proper medication for her problems and the medication that she received instead caused her to suffer avascular necrosis in her right hip. Avascular necrosis occurs when bones don’t have access to the right amount of blood flow, causing a lack of oxygen to the bone tissue which deteriorates the bones. Avascular necrosis is common when someone has a bone fracture or break, but it is also caused by the use of medications. Avascular necrosis is also known as osteonecrosis, which causes the bone to break in small parts and if not corrected, the bone will collapse. Since the doctor mistakenly suggested that she take a medicine which didn’t treat her original problem and led to avascular necrosis, she has the right to file a medical malpractice suit according to Gordon & Doner.

Lawsuit Filed For Medication Mistake That Resulted In Injury

The reason that the victim had a medical malpractice suit is because if she went to another doctor with similar experience, skills, and knowledge, she would not have been put on the wrong medicine and she would never have developed avascular necrosis. When we go to the doctor, we trust their opinion and assume that what they’re saying and prescribing to us is correct. Therefore when an injury occurs because of doctor negligence, the patient has the right to seek justice. If you or a loved one has been injured because of medical malpractice, make sure that you find the right legal team to help you.

Medical Malpractice Happens More Often Than Expected

You may not think it, but medical errors are one of the highest causes of death. A 2016 study researched just how many people are harmed or died from medical errors and the results were shocking. The researchers uncovered that medical mistakes are the cause of 251,000 lives each year, which is nearly 10% of all the deaths annually. This means that heart disease and cancer, our nation’s number one and two killers respectfully, are only twice as deadly as medical mistakes. Medical mistakes cause more deaths than respiratory disease, Alzheimer’s, strokes, and accidental deaths.

This study was organized by a professor at John Hopkins, who explained that the reason most people aren’t aware that medical errors are the third most common cause of death is because doctors are able to cover their tracks well. When a mistake happens, it’s a big risk for doctors, so they would rather (and are often able to) keep their mistakes confidential. Unfortunately this is a huge risk for patients and the victim’s families, who are owed for the doctor’s negligence.

Medical Malpractice Happens More Often Than Expected

In many states like Maryland for instance, there are medical review board statutory privileges put in place which stops the disclosure of investigation results when doctors make mistakes. In states where mistakes are only known to a select few, it’s more difficult for people in the medical community to learn from errors other have made, which increases the likelihood that someone later down the road will suffer from the same problem when a medical professional makes an error.

The report goes on to say that confidentiality in medical mistakes needs to change. With aviation, whenever there’s a crash every pilot and airline is informed of exactly what happened so that similar disasters are prevented in the future. It also allows pilots to correct any bad habits they might not know could lead to an error. If medical professionals adopted a similar plan for discussing errors in the workplace, we could lessen the amount of people who are injured and killed each year because of medical mistakes.