Joan Rivers Settlement Finalized

In 2014 Joan Rivers saw an ear, nose, and throat doctor in order to correct an acid reflux problem. During the throat surgery, many different mistakes were made by physicians and as a result, Rivers ended up dying a few days after the procedure. An investigation into the procedure showed that unauthorized surgeons without the correct credentials were used during the surgery. They also failed to accurately monitor signs that the surgery wasn’t going well and even gave Rivers the wrong drug and failed to record it in the medical records.

What Should Have Been A Routine Surgery Got Botched

In the middle of the surgery, Rivers stopped breathing. The main physician involved never attempted to correct the problem and failed to call a hospital quickly enough, resulting in Rivers’ death. This prompted an investigation and eventually a medical malpractice suit by Rivers’ daughter, Melissa Rivers. After two years of investigation and negotiation, a closed settlement has been finalized in order to insure that similar problems don’t occur to people who need what should have been a routine throat surgery. Melissa Rivers is calling for better monitoring of patients and for doctors to guarantee that they’re doing everything to keep their patients safe.

Joan Rivers Settlement Finalized

These problems and many more have finally been paid for thanks to the work of Melissa River’s team of attorneys. It’s believed that Rivers’ confidentiality was also broken during the surgery, as there have been photos uncovered from when Rivers was sedated. Overall the physicians handling the surgery didn’t perform to the best of their abilities in order to save Rivers’ life and conducted medical errors that could have been avoided by other professionals. Since the case has been worked out, Rivers’ family members can go on to celebrate her life as a talented comedic legend.

My Doctor Has A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed

What should you do if you find out that your doctor has a medical malpractice lawsuit filed against him or her? One inclination is to find a new physician, but before you do that, it’s important to find out exactly what it means when someone has a medical malpractice suit against them and what can trigger that. Because medical malpractice lawsuits are common, depending on the circumstances, there’s not always a reason to be worried that you aren’t in good hands.

My Doctor Has A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed, What Should I Do?

It’s basic human nature to make mistakes, and there are often many different reasons why a doctor would have a medical malpractice lawsuit filed against them. Sometimes a medical malpractice lawsuit is filed against the doctor, when medical malpractice was actually the fault of a hospital or hospital nurses. In other events, insurance companies may not want to fight a medical malpractice case, and instead wish to settle outside of court in order to keep costs down. In these cases, guilt usually isn’t admitted or determined, but the lawsuit still shows against a physician.

What If My Doctor Has A History Of Medical Malpractice Payouts?

Now when your doctor has many different medical malpractice lawsuits against them, that’s a sign that your doctor might be negligent. It really depends on what type of medicine they practice, as some types of physicians assume more risks than others. You can locate information about your doctor by searching on the medical board website in your state. Medical negligence lawyers in West Palm Beach recommend going through the medical board as they will give you information about whether your doctor is currently licensed, if there have been any disciplinary actions taken against your physician, and explain any lawsuits from your physician’s history.

Lyme Disease Is Commonly Misdiagnosed

Lyme disease is one of many tickborne diseases that affects humans who are bitten by ticks. It spreads rapidly through the body after causing flu-like symptoms and can become life threatening if not diagnosed properly. Because Lyme disease affects the immune system, if doctors do not complete lab tests on their patients correctly, it can result in a false negative that results in a misdiagnosis. Once a misdiagnosis is made, future symptoms of Lyme disease are difficult to trace back to having Lyme disease and any medication given to patients may only treat symptoms and not the underlying problem.

Lyme Disease Is Commonly Misdiagnosed

Gordon and Doner understand that Lyme disease is often misdiagnosed the first time, and so if you ever believe that you are suffering from Lyme disease, it’s a good idea to get accurate testing again. Getting the right medication to treat Lyme disease will improve a patient’s health quickly and everything will get back on track for the patient. Often curing Lyme disease will help a patient recover from any fatigue, and autoimmune diseases that develop as a result of being bitten by an infected tick.

A False-Negative Might Be A Result Of Bad Doctor Testing

It’s important to see a specialist that is aware of all the different idiopathic condition tests that can be taken to pinpoint whether a patient is suffering from Lyme disease or not. There are many infections, heavy metals, and immune system disorders that can help identify whether Lyme disease is the main problem, or whether the issue lies somewhere else. Infectious diseases such as Lyme disease are easy to treat if your physician knows what to look for, but unfortunately many medical professionals search for medication that cures symptoms, which over time only makes matters worse instead of solving the root problem.

Are medical errors a leading cause of death?

When you think about the leading causes of death in America you usually consider heart disease, cancer, and other serious health problems. A new study from Johns Hopkins shows that medical errors are in fact the third most common cause of death in America while explaining why this information isn’t readily available to the public. Researchers use the data to ask for stricter explanations of death causes on death certificates. Thiss should explain to the public when someone dies of a medical error and just how common it actually is.


The two leading causes of death are heart disease and cancer. Combined these result in around 600,000 deaths annually. The research that John Hopkins uncovered showed that a quarter million Americans die from medical errors annually. This can be from a range of medical complications from being prescribed the wrong medication to undergoing a botched surgery. When someone dies of a medical error currently there’s no space to list that on a death certificate. This results in some of the common causes of death actually being over reported quite frequently. Researchers believe that accurately explaining how someone has died will help our nation discover how best to spend grant funds for preventing death.

Are medical errors a leading cause of death? Research says yes.

The Center for Disease Control recognizes that medical error does result in many deaths; however when you look at their reporting, the underlying cause of death is always listed as the reason why someone died instead of the fact that a medical error occurred. Medical errors go unreported or under-reported because it’s uncomfortable for a doctor to have to explain that something negative happened on their watch. Many doctors also believe that the public really doesn’t want to know about it. Hopefully these findings result in better reporting of medical errors so that the public knows just how common they are. Transparency about real medical errors can lead to a safer medical system.

Telemedicine less effective than seeing physician in person

As more people turn to the Internet for all of their needs, telemedicine websites are becoming less of a thing the future and more of the current norm. Unfortunately a new study has shown that when people use teledermatology websites and cell phone apps it’s harder to actually treat their problems. This study looked at over 15 different direct-to-consumer telemedicine companies and found that it’s more difficult for physicians to accurately diagnose things like cancer, STDs, and other serious medical problems over an app or computer. They also found that these positions have the authority to write prescriptions without verifying the patient’s history of taking medicine.

It’s great that technology gives people the ability to get treated for their common problems however based on evidence provided in the research study there’s little proof that their problems are actually getting treated. This could be a big risk factor in whether or not you choose to see a physician over the Internet. Without visiting a patient and taking a look at their extensive medical history it’s very hard for a physician to accurately diagnose and prescribe medication for the problem. There also has to a standard regulation set forth for advising clients about the medications that they’re being prescribed. In the study a very small portion was actually warned about the side effects and risks of the drugs that they received prescriptions for. Many of the sites also didn’t even allow patients to see the physician of their choice.

Telemedicine less effective than seeing physician in person

Medical negligence attorneys West Palm understand just how dangerous this can be for people that need serious problems resolved. Researchers believe that until telemedicine is improved health care providers should not pay for telemedicine care. Around 1 million people this year will use telemedication services because of how easy it is to use and the low cost of being seen, however many Physicians are concerned with the level of care that people receive through these web sites and cell phone applications.

Common dermatologist misdiagnoses

It’s recommended that you visit your dermatologist once or twice a year to protect yourself from major illnesses like cancer and infections. But that doesn’t mean your dermatologist always does their job correctly. There are a few tricky skin problems that often go undiagnosed, resulting in major health problems. Being aware of the common skin problems that go undiagnosed will prevent you from letting a skin problem develop for too long. Here’s how to determine whether you’re getting the proper advice from your dermatologist when you go to your next check-up as advised by Gordon & Doner.

Common dermatologist misdiagnoses

When it comes to skin cancer, the only way to determine whether a blotch on the skin is cancer or not is to perform a biopsy. It’s important that you see the same dermatologist regularly because they’re able to track the changes with your skin overtime and notice any warning signs that you may be developing cancer. However, sometimes these changes go unnoticed while other times the biopsy isn’t performed correctly and patients with skin cancer actually go undiagnosed.

During a biopsy your physician will take a piece of skin with abnormal growth off of your body using a scalpel. This will be tested for a few days. A misdiagnosis occurs when a physician doesn’t perform the biopsy of a suspicious portion of your skin, or if the test results are misread. When a patient doesn’t get the right diagnosis, the cancer develops without receiving the proper treatment, which puts your health at jeopardy.

There are also some skin infections that are incredibly hard to diagnose. If skin disorders such as carbuncles, MRSA, or Stevens – Johnson Syndrome don’t get treated immediately, there are some very serious health side effects. It can lead to an extended stay at a hospital and potentially death if a dermatologist doesn’t make the proper diagnoses, which is why it’s important to select the right dermatologist.

Complications With Cosmetic Surgery Lawsuits

Cosmetic surgery medical malpractice lawsuits are incredible complex because of the nature  of the legal claim. Just because you aren’t satisfied with how your surgery ended up doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a medical malpractice lawsuit on your hands. Therefore you have to really be able to prove that your surgeon was negligent in the work that was performed in order to have a case. There are two common types of medical malpractice in cosmetic surgery which occur when a doctor is too inexperienced to perform the operation yet does it anyway, and when a procedural error is made during the surgery that causes harm to you.

Now, where the lawsuit becomes more complicated is when you consider how elective cosmetic surgery is. Since cosmetic surgery is just that – cosmetic, it’s not like other types of operations that are necessary to reduce legitimate pain and suffering, or to save a life. This is often in the back of the mind of the juries who historically with medical malpractice suits involving cosmetic surgery give less awards than with other types of medical malpractice.

Complications With Cosmetic Surgery Lawsuits

That could be because the patient decided to go with the cosmetic operation knowing its risks and the juror believes that the surgery isn’t truly necessary, or because they’re biased and feel like if they had the money to get cosmetic surgery, they still wouldn’t be vain enough to do it. The truth of the matter is just because the victim of medical malpractice decided to get an optional surgery done doesn’t mean that they weren’t harmed during the process. Surgery always involves an element of risk and just like a patient can be injured in a lifesaving procedure, so can a patient during a cosmetic one. Even if you prove to a jury that you have experience medical malpractice during a cosmetic surgery, you still might be facing an uphill battle because of these two juror biases.

Patients throughout US duped by cosmetic surgery clinic

Hialeah cosmetic surgery clinic is under fire today as investigators announced that many of their physicians have questionable histories. They’ve found patients from around the United States by offering low price cosmetic surgery which unfortunately has been the most costly mistake that some unsuspecting people have ever made. Although many of the physicians have been caught in horrible medical malpractice cases, have been found to commit medication fraud, and have even gone so far to kidnap and attempt to murder someone, the clinic still exists. The Florida Department of Health has taken an important step toward protecting people from bad doctors by charging them with medical malpractice and using unlicensed physicians.

Patients throughout US duped by cosmetic surgery clinic

Most of the people who were sent to this cosmetic surgery clinic came from out of town for vacation. Unfortunately, some ended up never returning home or came back from vacation with some serious injuries. One patient went into a nearly month long coma because of a botched brazilian butt lift surgery and is now permanently disabled. Another victim had her intestine punctured and fat injected into her nerve. She’s now forced to walk with crutches. As horrible as these mistakes sound, at least the women still have their lives, unlike the clinic’s newest victim.

One patient was rushed to the emergency room after complications developed at the clinic. The physician who operated on her had four medical malpractice injuries against him from three consecutive days of operations, causing medical malpractice attorneys to try and get his medical license revoked says a West Palm Beach med mal law firm. Oddly enough, that’s not the worst of the physicians that are tied with the clinic.

The owner of Vanity Cosmetic Surgery has already been arrested for knowingly using unlicensed doctors to perform complicated medical procedures. Another physician had a patient who died during a procedure at one of the clinics and yet is still allowed to practice and a third physician kept kidnapped his ex-girlfriend and waterboarded her because of a Facebook message. No representatives from the company were available to discuss the track record of people practicing medicine at any of the clinics.

Medical Malpractice During Cosmetic Surgery

If you are injured during a cosmetic surgery, there’s a chance that you have formed the basis of a medical malpractice lawsuit. Complications in procedures can happen to anyone, even if you’re just planning to improve your appearance through cosmetic surgery. Surgeons and healthcare professionals that commit error to the level that it constitutes medical negligence face medical malpractice lawsuits if the patient is injured, ensuring that you receive the best medical treatment from well trained and educated medical professionals while reducing the risk that your surgeon will try unproven processes or procedures on your body.

There are all types of cosmetic surgery including liposuction, facelift, eyelid surgery, and breast augmentation to name a few of the more common procedures. People undergo cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery to repair damage to the face and body. Because of the laws set in place to protect people undergoing any type of surgery, even cosmetic surgery is subject to high levels of scrutiny to protect patients. In order for a medical malpractice case to be filed there has to be:

  • A doctor-patient relationship established
  • Breach of medical care standards during the course of treatment
  • Harm to the patient because of the substandard treatment

Medical Malpractice During Cosmetic Surgery

Whether the medical professional had a doctor-patient relationship isn’t usually disputed, but the second two parts that make up a medical malpractice case are. In order to have a medical malpractice suit you have to show that your doctor give you less care as a similarly-skilled surgeon would have provided in a similar circumstance. This is usually resolved by professional testimony with an expert in the field located by your attorney.

Lastly you have to prove that you’ve had an actual injury as a result of your surgery. All surgery has some risk and if your doctor informs you of your risk and one of them arises then it doesn’t mean that medical malpractice has occurred. But if something unexplained occurs and you weren’t informed of the risk beforehand then you may have a medical malpractice claim.

Eye Injury During Surgery Causes Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Med mal attorneys recently filed a lawsuit against a hospital and medical team that injured a patient’s eye during surgery. He went in to correct his sleep apnea and although the surgery fixed his problem, during the surgery something went wrong, causing injury to his eye. The materials that were used to correct his sleep apnea we incorrect and attorneys requested damages of $50,000 because the medical staff failed to prevent injury by improperly preparing for the procedure.

Sleep apnea is a condition where someone’s breathing becomes shallow or fully stops during sleep. There are a few other alternatives to surgery for curing sleep apnea but when it becomes severe, surgery is sometimes the only option. The surgery that was used to correct the patient’s sleep apnea is a routine procedure that is commonly practiced. The throat and nose is the target area of the surgery, since these locations often have obstructions that make it difficult for someone to breath during sleep. In this event, medical staff operated on the eyes of the patient, which is unnecessary in this type of surgery.

Eye Injury During Surgery Causes Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Medical malpractice occurs when doctors or other medical professionals cause harm to a patient because of their negligence. There’s a standard level of care that all medical professionals are held to based on their expertise and training. Every time that a doctor makes a mistake it’s a big risk to the patient, and some errors have resulted in serious injury and even death. Because the medical team let something injure the patient’s eyes during procedure when there was no operation to be done on the eyes, a medical malpractice suit was filed.

When we go to the hospital or receive medical assistance, we do so because it’s expected that we’ll have our problems solved. Unfortunately, not everyone receives the best care possible because of medical negligence, which puts everyone at risk. If you have suffered because of mistakes your doctor or hospital created, then you are entitled to collect money for damages.